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St. Paul's
Episcopal Church

Here at St. Paul's, we place an emphasis on the ministry of the laity, and lay people play a significant role in the parish's decision-making and governance. Lay persons are involved in every aspect of our parish life, from finances to teaching to leading our worship services.


During our transitional stage we will continue to meet at the normal worshiping hours that can be found on our calendar. Our Senior Warden is diligently working to fill the services with available supply Ministers. When not available, one of our four Eucharistic Lay Ministers will be present to provide Morning Prayer Services. David Hoffman has graciously been providing the outlines for each of the Prayer Services. So as to not keep them the same, he has researched several different services and may change from one week to the next. Please contact any one of your four Lay Ministers if you have suggestions for anything you may like to have included in these services.


Dates for Officiants of services can be found in the

 "Here's What's Happening at St Paul's"

tab within

"Worship Services and Attending"


Your Eucharistic Ministers are the following:

 Gregory Berndt                                    Kathy Dubois

      David Hoffman                                    Wayne Langlois