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St. Paul's
Episcopal Church

A bit about who we are now . . .


We are a small, closely-knit congregation of families and single members whose life together in Christ is centered within the Eucharist we share on Sundays and special feastdays. Some of us are "cradle Episcopalians" while others were raised in another denomination (or perhaps no denomination at all). Several of our members live in Plainfield, but others of us come from homes in other towns in the surrounding area. Many of our members come from families which have been active in this parish for generations; others are more recent additions, coming to us as they move into the area or seek out a spiritual home for themselves and perhaps their children. 

As a congregation within the Episcopal Church in the USA, we participate in the larger statewide fellowship and activities of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut whose cathedral is in Hartford. We also belong to the worldwide Anglican Communion of churches, embracing members on every continent. As part of the even broader "catholic" or universal church, we at St. Paul's understand ourselves to be not a club or organization, so much as a local expression of Christ's mystical body.



At St. Paul's, we value highly the skill, vision, and leadership of the lay members of our parish. Lay members of the parish play an active and vital role in governing the temporal affairs of the parish, including property and finance. Officers of the Vestry, an executive body that meets monthly, include a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Clerk and Members-at-large. Our delegate to the Deanery and Diocesan Convention rounds out the roster of this important group. Beyond these elected leaders, however, most of our members play a variety of roles in the parish. For some of us this means serving at the altar on Sunday mornings as a chalice bearer, lector, or acolyte. For others of us, God calls us to a different kind of service: teaching Sunday school, working on the Altar Guild, helping to maintain our beautiful building, or serving in some other capacity.

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