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St. Paul's
Episcopal Church

The Schedule of Readings Used At Each Sunday Eucharist

The selection of which readings from Scripture we will use on a particular Sunday is part of a schedule referred to as the Revised Common Lectionary. Many Christian denominations use this same set, so the readings you will hear in many Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. churches on a given Sunday are the same you will hear us use. It is compiled on a three year cycle, with each year's Gospel readings focused primarily on one of the first three Gospel writers; Matther, Mark, and Luke. Listed to the left are tabs, by year, for the lectionary readings for a given year. The "year" begins on the first Sunday of the Church year, the first Sunday of Advent, which occurs around the end of November or beginning of December each year. This listing replaces that found on pages 889 through 925 of the Book of Common Prayer.